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06/12/2015, 06:21
creation-of-opportunities-space-for-policy-dialogue-between-national-governments-and-community-groups Executive Summary   This activity is jointed implemented by the SOLPAF and HIRDA , where they are both the partner organization with Oxfam, and they have both  joint activities on the 3.1 and 3.2 outcome activities under the Dutch reconstruction project  that OXFAM international implementing in the Cross border of Somaliland and...
03/07/2015, 11:21
community-managed-disaster-risk-reduction-cmdrr Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) On the 27th of April-1st of May, 2015, SOLPAF in partnership with OXFAM and in collaboration with a CMDRR expert from the National Environment Research and Disaster management Authority (NERAD) conducted a capacity building training for the Gumburaha Banka community.   CMDRR Is a community centered approach which...
30/06/2015, 08:37
forestry-and-wildlife-conservation-act-review-workshop Forestry and Wildlife  conservation Act Review Workshop  .....> On the 27th, May, 2015 Venue: Office of the Minister of Environment and Rural Development     On the 27th of may,2015, a meeting was held at the office of the minister for environment and rural development, the meeting attended by members from the house of...


"Create sustainable positive development changes for the lives of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists"


Facilitate the Empowerment of thepastoralists and agro-pastoralists to secure sustainable livelihoods and influence institutions to be responsive to their rights and to promote stronger shared understanding to pastoral development approaches.


  • Advocate and Lobby for pastoral and agro-pastoral rights and livelihood security at different levels.
  • Establish pastoral and agro-pastoral coordination and Networking Mechanisms 
  • Facilitate formation of alliances among stakeholders
  • Promote development and harmonization of pastoral and agro-pastoral friendly policies

        Promote introduction and implementation of Environmental protection and regulatory aws and policies

  • Improve institutional capacities of communities and national level organizations